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Welcome to Vote Nevada!

We are a new and unique civic engagement nonprofit.  Vote Nevada was founded by Nevadans for Nevada.  Unlike many other organizations, we are stand-alone with no national affiliation. 

We welcome everyone who would like to be more engaged in civic life.   With a focus on coalition, collaboration and consensus, Vote Nevada is led with modern sensibilities centered on building community and solving problems practically. 

Founded by women focused on the sustained health and well-being of Nevada‚Äôs citizens, businesses and government, Vote Nevada capitalizes on the effective and humane feminine style of leadership. Our priorities are Nevada-specific, and we are happy to help anyone with issue research, advocacy, and implementation.  Our guiding principle is our position development.

Vote Nevada has supporters and volunteers, but not members; so, there will be no membership dues.  Therefore, there are no monetary barriers to participation.  Anyone who joins our email list, will be considered a supporter and anyone who joins a committee will be considered a volunteer. To join our email list or learn about volunteering, email info@vote-nevada.org

Are you a problem solver? Explore our pages, top right, to learn more about us including solving problems with Vote Nevada.


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