About Us

Vote Nevada is a private nonprofit focused on nonpartisan civics education, good governance and healthy-community advocacy.

Our vision is a Nevada that offers easy and fair access to informed voting and advocacy for our community and a Nevada population that is mentally and physically healthy living in a healthy and sustainable environment. 

Vote Nevada is not affiliated with any other organization and is completely self-contained in Nevada. A limited Governing Board (appointed per the Bylaws) manages the fiduciary and administrative responsibilities of the organization and set our advocacy priorities. We work with a more expansive set of supporters and partner organizations to advance our mission, solving problems with civics.

Vote Nevada is a 501(c)3 organization abiding all associated rules and regulations. Our 501c3 application was approved in late 2020 – you can view our IRS Letter of Determination here: Letter of Determination. We will not endorse any political party or candidate(s), but we will engage in nonpartisan analysis to identify the sources of problems and opportunities for reform.

Founded by women focused on the sustained health and well-being of Nevada’s citizens, businesses and government, Vote Nevada capitalizes on the effective and humane feminine style of leadership. Our priorities are Nevada-specific, and we are happy to help anyone with issue research, advocacy, and implementation.

The organization will have supporters and volunteers, but not members; so, there will be no membership dues.  Therefore, there are no monetary barriers to participation.  Anyone who joins our email list, will be considered a supporter and anyone who joins a committee will be considered a volunteer. To join our email list, email info@vote-nevada.org

We do hope you will consider supporting us – join our supporters list, partner with us to work on an issue or learn more about civics in Nevada. We also thankfully accept donations. These actions all support nonpartisan civic engagement and advocacy in Nevada.

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