Positions & Process

Our guiding principle is our process by which we determine our position on issues.  

We follow this process when arriving at our issue positions and ask that those who work with us also abide by this process.

Research. Understand. Voice. Persist.



Research each issue independently using thorough, reliable and verifiable evidence.

Position Statement

Create a position explanation. Be open to changing position when presented with sound arguments and evidence. Make positions and position advocacy free from logical fallacies, especially personal attacks.

Opposition Viewpoints

Review all positions on an issue to ensure understanding of both pro and con and third-rail viewpoints.


Engagement and advocacy activities can be passionate, emotional, confronting (to our own ideas and in dialogue with others!). This work may challenge power structures, assumptions, and patience. This work develops resilient, persistence and critical thinking.

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Workforce Development

Workforce development that aligns with Nevada’s culture and current conditions:

1.      Offer free short-term training for certifications and skill enhancements.

2.      Develop lasting connections between Nevadans and post-secondary education and training institutions.  Every Nevadan should feel welcome in training environments and higher education.

3.      Provide services to ensure every Nevadan can become qualified for new jobs; including internet access, childcare assistance, transportation, and career advising.

4.      Guarantee Nevadans maintain access to food, shelter, and healthcare if they accept temporary work to assist with emergency community needs.

5.      Add hiring requirements to industry abatement agreements for Nevadans who are differently abled.


Behavioral and Mental Health Support

Bills that address our severe shortage of behavioral and mental health providers, this includes:

1.      Creating education pathways for behavioral and mental health careers for Nevadans that are as close to tuition-free as possible and include mentoring and robust support services.

2.      Addressing licensing roadblocks for providers relocating to Nevada.

3.      Ensuring Medicaid continues to cover telehealth counseling services.

4.      Stabilizing Medicaid reimbursement rates for mental and behavioral health services.

5.      Ensuring every Nevadan has access to reliable broadband internet service for education and supportive counseling services.

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Grant Procurement

Recreating Nevadan’s grant procurement philosophy and management:

1.      Every level of government and all public agencies must have the guidance and capacity to actively review all grant opportunities.

2.      County and municipal governments and public agencies must have incentives to create grant-funded plans that reorganize and repurpose existing programs.  The reorganization and repurposing should address vital needs in ways that are new, effective, and efficient.  

3.      Grant funds should cover reorganization and repurposing costs, such as training, purchasing new equipment, and adopting continuous evaluation and assessment practices.

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